SG50PERI Upgrading

Our Heritage


Pei Chun Public School was established in 1933 by a group of Hainanese to provide education to the children of the Chinese working class.  It became a government-aided school in 1956.  With its unique Chinese culture and rich tradition as a Chinese medium school in its early days, Pei Chun was accorded the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school status in 1990.  In 2001, Pei Chun moved to its current premises in Toa Payoh Lorong 7.  Through the years, the school prides itself in providing an all-round bilingual and holistic education to children in Toa Payoh.  Today, the school has an enrolment of about 2200 pupils housed in two sessions, with Primary 3 to Primary 6 in the morning session and Primary 1 and Primary 2 the afternoon session. 


In its 80 years of history, Pei Chun has 10 Principals.  Mr Lin Ming Qing was the first Principal of Pei Chun while Mdm Ler Jia Luen, the current Principal, is its tenth.  Mdm Ler is also the first alumnus to return to serve her alma mater and the first female Principal of the school.  With sheer perseverance and unwavering resolution, the principals moulded an identity and gave the school its unique character and strength.  


Since its establishment in 1933, Pei Chun has remained true to its mission to nurture responsible citizens who will contribute to society.  Leveraging on its rich tradition and the pervasive Chinese culture, Pei Chun seeks to instil moral values in pupils and enhance bilingualism to maximise pupils’ potential. The ethos of developing every pupil to be a ‘Passionate and Cultured Learner; Proactive and Caring Leader’ also underpins all our educational processes and programmes.  The two South Zone Centres of Excellence to promote the teaching and learning of Sports and Chinese Language in South Zone schools is yet another testament of the school’s unwavering quest to build a culture of excellence.


2013 is an exciting year for Pei Chun as the school celebrates its 80th anniversary with the theme “德树人,八十春秋育桃李; 心齐力,百年基业向未来”,(Together, Celebrating the Pei Chun Legacy, Building the Pei Chun Future).   Through the various celebration projects, pupils are given the opportunity to leave a legacy behind for their juniors so that they too can continue with the good work and build upon the successes of their seniors.  This attitude of building upon the strengths of others to leave a legacy is one that we nurture in pupils, so that they will grow up to be responsible citizens who are conscious of their moral responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute back to society.











2013年,培群欣喜地迎来了八十周年校庆。今年展开的各个校庆活动,让学生有机会为学校、为社群服务,为将来的学弟学妹设立好榜样。校庆主题“德树人,八十春秋育桃李; 心齐力,百年基业向未来”, 充分地诠释了学校给予学生的厚望:向德智体群美五育俱全的好兄姐看齐,服务社会,造福人群,把培群的传统与精神永远地传承下去!